Apex offers through MCSA gymnastics classes for all ages and levels:

  • Beginner, intermediate, advanced and competitive programs.
  • We are committed to provide a safe and fun environment for our athletes.
  • We promote physical fitness and sportsmanship, which teaches generosity and genuine concern for others.
  • For more information about Apex Gymnastic Team Please contact:
    • kwargnier@mcsa.me
    • (248)890-5443

Our objectives are:

  • To provide all athletes with the finest teaching and coaching.
  • To provide all athletes with a clean facility and state of the art equipment.
  • To provide the opportunity for all athletes to participate in an excellent gymnastics program.
  • To provide the opportunity for all parents to identify with IGA and support all the IGA teams.
  • To provide all athletes an opportunity to grow mentally, physically, internally through participation.

10 Reasons why you should enroll your child in Gymnastics

  • We create a fun environment to learn
  • Our program develops strength
  • Gymnastics develops flexibility
  • Develops coordination
  • Teaches listening skills
  • Gains self-esteem and confidence
  • Provides social interaction with peers
  • Teaches goal setting
  • Develops cognitive abilities to help in the classroom
  • Develops skills to enhance other sports