We are Michigan’s Original History Making Program!

Trilogy is a fun yet strictly focused program. Our goal is to make every athlete feel like they are part of our great family. Year after year, we maintain our spectacular competition reputation; not only as THE BEST in Michigan and the United States… but also in the WORLD!

  • Michigan’s Original All Star Cheer and Dance program
  • Michigan’s FIRST program to win THE SUMMIT
  • Michigan’s FIRST program to WIN the UCA International All Star Championship AND Grand Champions
  • Michigan’s FIRST-EVER Senior All Girl team to earn a Bid to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in back-to-back seasons
  • Michigan’s ORIGINAL Special Needs Cheer Team
  • The FIRST-EVER Special Needs team to be selected to perform at the US Finals of Cheerleading

Celebrating 20 years!


We Offer Something For Everyone

Recreational Cheer & Instructional Open Tumbling

  • Once per week classes designed learning basics. Ages 3 & Up. Offered for all levels.
  • Drop in classes offered to continue to master skills. Ages 7 & up.

Trilogy Tiny, Special Needs & Developmental Teams — No Tryouts Required

  • Developmental: Half-year team designed for youth league cheerleaders, runs November – April.
  • Tiny & Special Needs: Competitive teams, run September – March.
  • Practice once per week (more as competitions approach).
  • Perform 1-2 exhibitions and compete 2-5 times per season.

Trilogy Travel & Non-Travel Competitive Teams

  • Runs May – March/April.
  • Athletes evaluated on skills for team placement. Guidelines allow for all athletes to be placed on a team.
  • Practice two times per week — non-travel teams.
  • Practice three times per week — travel teams.
  • Supplemental practices with gymnastics coach/flexibility & strength training.